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Lavender Creek Ranch

Show Stables, Rehabilitation Facility & Rescue Animals

About Our Ranch

Lavender Creek Ranch is a family owned property that offers the finest facilities for equestrian riders. We have a main barn, an upper open barn, and run out stalls available to meet any horses needs. We have a large outdoor ring with all-weather footing, a lunging ring with all weather-footing, plenty of turnout, and eurosizer and treadmill to keep the horses in shape, or for rehabilitation purposes. We also house many rescued farm animals which have become part of the Lavender Creek Family. 


Our Equestrian Occupants

At Lavender Creek Farm, we proudly house two equestrian companies, Edelweiss Farms with Heatherly Davis Granaroli and Alora Sporthorses with Savannah Jenkins. Edelweiss Farms is a show barn that is client focused for training, coaching and showing and occupies our lower barn. Alora Sporthorses is a sales, training and coaching business that operates out of the upper barn.

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Show Barn

Edelweiss Farms

 Owned and operated by Heatherly Davis, Edelweiss Farms is a full service hunter, jumper, equitation and pony training facility offering personal attention to each and every client. They welcome children and adults from the crossrail level to advanced levels.  They attend shows all year round in California and nationally.

Alora Sporthorses

Alora Sporthorses is owned and operated by Savannah Jenkins and Ionut (Johny) Capito. They work in horse sales, training and coaching. They find talented horses and market them for sale/lease, they offer a training program to better horses performance and abilities and also offer coaching to clients and their horses reach their goals in the show ring.



Lavender Creek Ranch provides rehabilitation equipment for semi-retired horses and laid up horses. We provide a eurosizer for daily exercise, then for our rehabbing horses the treadmill provides them with a workout they need to get back into shape, with the ability to increase resistance and incline. We also have a theraplate for the horses to maximize their circulation and help with healing.


Meet Our Rescues

Meet Our Rescues

Meet Our Rescues

Meet Our Rescues



Meet Pepe, our pig and the newest addition to our crew of rescue animals. 


We have three goats, Cookie, Molly and Belle!

Mini Horses

We have three mini horses, Dulce, Latte and Mocha!


Meet our four chickens that provide us with fresh eggs daily!

LC Horses

LC Horses

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